The Incredible Hulk

January 8, 2011

This may come as a surprise, but I skated Logger’s Loop today. I tend to avoid Logger’s Loop while skating because it is a long (3 km!) uphill that is just steep enough that I can’t V2 more than a couple strokes so it becomes a V1 slogfest. Adding to the misery that comes with anything termed a slogfest, I know that I could V2 many sections if I were just a little stronger so I end up feeling utterly frustrated with myself along with really really tired.

Luckily for me, the hurt that I felt while I was in muscle-fatigue-land could improve future skis.  Generally, when a muscle is exercised to its limits, it is actually slightly injured. Satellite cells flock to the injured area and adhere to the muscle proteins. Some then morph into new muscle fiber strands so the muscle grows. Some satellite cells also add nuclei to the muscle fiber which allows the muscle to process more proteins and create more contractile cells.

However, generally endurance athletes don’t grow huge Incredible Hulk muscles. Aerobic exercise doesn’t always damage muscles like weight lifting. Instead, endurance exercise enlarges the vascular system causing more oxygen-rich blood to flow to the working muscles. It also can improve the ability of lung cells to pick up oxygen and strengthens the muscles associated with respiration including your diaphragm and that little thumper, your heart.

So hopefully my ski today, along with the dose of protein I got with my salmon dinner tonight, will make the next skate up Logger’s slightly more pleasant. Maybe I will even V2 more than twice. If not, I always know that I will have a super sweet downhill at the end of the climb and my striding skis waiting for me back at the lodge. I really do love striding up Logger’s.

And here are some examples of skiers who can probably V2 up Logger’s!



One Response to “The Incredible Hulk”

  1. Toni Polfus said

    yes I do believe that they could V2 anywhere they want. fun video!

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